Turned Christmas  Tree

I was poking around the internet looking for something different to turn and found a YouTube video by  Alicja Mazur on her Epoxy Wood Channel. https://youtu.be/8C3OL4gbZp0 .She also has a web site at  https://www.epoxywood.uk/

My contribution is to document the measurements, order of steps and a pretty drawing.

The piece of wood to start is 50mm square and 130mm long.

Mark the center of both ends.

The head stock end always stays in the center mark.

On the tail stock end draw a line. We will mark 5 points on the line.

The center mark is point 3. Point 2 is 5 mm from point 3, Point 1 is 5 mm from point 2. In the opposite direction point 4 is 5 mm from point 3. Point 5 is 3 mm from point 4. I use a center punch to make indents on each of the points.

The headstock is a 20mm Stebdrive Crown drive. The tailstock is a live center with the removeable center point.

Lets turn!

Steps in turning tree

These are just the general directions. Use your artistic skills to riff on the design. I have forgotten to change the tailstock point at the appropriate times and the tree still look interesting. In the video Alicja has a six section tree. Other variations include making each section more of a bead or more of  a cove or just starch with not curve at all.

PDF of these instruction on one page.

PDF of the Christmas Tree Template.

Have Fun, Kent