Dive Log

The finished log is 4.25" by 5.5"

Hand for Scale

I like to keep logs of my dives.  My dive computer records the dive itself. The log has the Place, people & events.

On a boat, especially when diving multiple dives, paper logs will get wet. Once they are wet, they get pulpy. Sometimes that is the last time they are readable.

I searched and could not find a dive log that let me record the information that I wanted and was water resistant.

I did find Rite in the RainRite in the Rain All Weather Printer Paper, 8.5x11 Letter, No. 8511-50 

I fired up Microsoft Word and designed the dive log that suite me. It has the data fields that I want to collect, It can be written on with a pencil or pen, wet or dry. These logs can go in my dive bag with the wet gear. 

My logs have survived many dive trips.

I have given some away and sold some others. Recently I made another batch and have decided to share the process.